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Saltbae Chilli Pepper Salt (60g)
One of the trendiest ingredients in the gourmet industry today, this super star flavour is a must-have! The texture of this spicy salt makes it ideal for use in sauces and broths and adds beautifully to spice mixes, spice snack...
Saltbae Smoked Salt (100g)
SaltBae Smoked Salt Seasoning is exactly what the name says it is. We take Aegean Sea Salt and infuse the salt with amazing smoky flavour. Smoked salt can be used in a variety of recipes to add some smoke flavour...
Saltbae Himalayan Pink Salt (100g)
Himalayan Pink Salt is extracted from ancient sea beds deep in the Himalayan Mountains, which crystallised long before today's pollution existed, and hence Himalayan salt is believed to be one of the purest salts in the world. Himalayan salt is...
Saltbae Garlic Parmesan Salt (90g)
A classic blend of garlic, parmesan flavour and Aegean Sea Salt takes your fresh vegetables and grilled favourites to a new level of flavour. Enhance the flavour of your grill recipes with this delicious combination that's sure to become an...
Saltbae Aegan Sea Salt (100g)
Harvested from waters off the Aegean Sea is an unrefined sea salt, known for its mild flavour and bright white crystals. Unrefined, pure sea salt is important for human health. Sea water, which is the source of this salt, contains...
Saltbae Black Pepper Salt (100g)
It may seem simple, but this is one of the all time favourites. It's a super convenient way to add the perfect balance of Aegean Sea Salt and cracked black pepper with one simple sprinkle. Use as a table side...
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