By Sara - Halfmoons/Rissoles
Saucy chicken in a creamy mixture with sweetcorn, lightly spiced with fresh green chillies and coriander, wrapped in a homemade special dough mixture , and coated in golden breadcrumbs, in the shape of a crescent. Hence the name Halfmoon!   ...
By Sara - Jalapeño Samosas
Tender pieces of diced chicken cooked in a homemade jalapeño sauce with sweetcorn and lots of cheese. All wrapped up in a samosa and coated in breadcrumbs. Ingredients: Oil  Chicken breast  Herbs Spices Salt Garlic Green chillies Jalapeño peppers Cornstarch...
By Sara - Chicken Tikka Pastries
Tender Chicken breast pieces marinated and cooked in a secret blend of tikka spices to give it the most perfect flavour imaginable all wrapped up in delicious golden puff pastry. Ingredients: Chicken breast Oil Salt Herbs Spices Yoghurt Lemon Vinegar...
By Sara - Creamy Shredded Chicken Spring Rolls
Tender chicken breast, shredded to perfection in a chilli, creamy, cheesy mixture with a secret blend of spices, all encased in a beautiful spring roll. Ingredients: chicken breast Salt  Herbs Spices Sweetcorn  Green chillies Lemon juice Butter Buttermilk Full Fat...
By Sara - Chinese Chicken Spring Rolls
Beautiful crispy rolls from the outside, the inside full of flavour with boneless chicken, cabbage and sweetcorn, cooked in a special blend of spices to give it that indo-Chinese taste. Ingredients: chicken breast Oil Garlic Salt Herbs Spices Soybeans Tomato...
By Sara - Piccalilli Square Samosas
Succulent pieces of chicken breast and sweetcorn in a special secret sauce with crushed green chillies, topped with delicious cheese, all cleverly wrapped in samosa pastry but in a big, golden, square shaped parcel. Ingredients: Oil  Chicken breast  Herbs Spices...
By Sara - Kebabs
A very unique style of oval shaped kebabs, a recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation, a closely guarded secret blend of spices and ingredients mixed with tender chicken thighs grounded into a Keema with fresh chillies,...
By Sara - Chicken Samosas (green chillies)
Succulent chicken thighs grounded into a mince, to make the most flavourful spicy chicken keema, with fresh green chillies, coriander, onions and spices, wrapped ever so lovingly in a beautiful triangular shaped pastry Ingredients: Chicken mince Herbs Spices Garlic Ginger...
By Sara - Chicken & Mushroom In White Sauce Pastries
Chicken breast, with diced mushrooms in a thick creamy white sauce all encased in buttery puff pastry. Ingredients: Chicken breast Mushrooms Oil Herbs Spices Salt Butter Flour Milk Pastry (wheat flour, puff pastry fat, salt, emulsifier, flavour, cake margarine, colour...
By Sara - Steak & Gravy Pastries
Tender steak, along with diced potatoes, carrots, onions and select spices cooked in a beautifully thick gravy, a fusion of the traditional English steak pasty and asian spices in soft buttery puff pastry.  Ingredients: Steak  Potatoes Carrots Onions Oil Salt...
By Sara - Chicken & Sweetcorn In White Sauce Pastries
Delicate flaky Puff pastry filled chicken breast and sweetcorn in a thick, creamy, oozy white sauce spiced with chilli flakes Ingredients: Chicken breast Oil Salt Spices Herbs Garlic Flour Butter Milk Sweetcorn Pastry (wheat flour, puff pastry fat, salt, emulsifier,...
By Sara - Lamb Samosas
Crispy and light triangular shaped parcels of spicy lamb keema with a traditional burst of flavour. These lamb samosas have no fillers such as potatoes, peas or carrots! Just pure lamb mince along with spices, onions fresh green chillies and...
By Sara - Chicken Cocktail Sticks
  Large succulent pieces of chicken breast, immersed in a special secret marinade, skewered onto sticks, and coated in breadcrumbs ready for you to fry. Ingredients: Chicken breast Herbs Spices Cream Yoghurt Salt Lemon Vinegar Garlic Ginger Tomato paste Eggs...
By Sara - Lamb Sausage Rolls
Perfectly sized pastries rolled around mini lamb sausages. Made from tender minced lamb, they feature a delicious blend of herbs and spices. Ingredients: Sausages: Lamb, Lamb Fat, Soya, Water, Mixed Peppers, Salt, Dextrose, Breadcrumbs (WHeat Flour, (Fortified WHeat Flour (Calcium Carbonate,...
By Sara - Chicken Keema Pastries
Spicy chicken keema with green chillies, coriander and onions cooked to perfection, and filled in delicious golden puff pastry ready to be baked. Ingredients: Chicken mince Salt Garlic Ginger Herbs Spices Onions Pastry (wheat flour, puff pastry fat, salt, emulsifier,...
By Sara - Vegetable Samosas
Delightful golden samosas with a delicious filling of diced potatoes, carrots and peas along with a secret blend of fresh herbs and spices. Ingredients: Vegetable oil Mustard seeds Herbs  Spices Salt Potatoes Peas Carrots Garlic Green chillies Pastry (wheat flour,...
By Sara - Chicken Basket (850g)
Chicken Baskets Succulent chicken marinated in cream with fresh chillies and coriander and a special blend of spices all wrapped tightly in a ribbon shaped wrapper Allergens: Wheat, Milk Ingredients: Chicken breast, double cream (milk), yoghurt (milk), green chillies, black pepper,...
By Sara - Lamb Lollies (800g)
Lamb Lollies The most delicious fresh spice mix marinated in a unique way to make lamb kebabs, and skewered onto sticks and coated in breadcrumbs Allergens: Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Celery. Ingredients: Lamb mince, onions, tomatoes green chillies, coriander, eggs, plain flour...
By Sara - Lamb Pastries (1050g)
Lamb Pastries Pure lamb keema in puff pastry spiced with fresh green chillies and coriander for a traditional burst of flavour in flaky buttery pastry.  Allergens: Wheat Ingredients: Lamb mince, Pastry (wheat flour, puff pastry fat, salt, emulsifier, flavour, cake margarine, colour...
By Sara - Creamy Veg Pastries (1050g)
Creamy veg pastries.  Perfect creamy golden vegetables and potatoes in a white sauce with cheese in a puff pastry.  Allergens: Wheat, Milk, Cheese, Buttermilk.  Ingredients: Carrots, potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, green beans, Pastry (wheat flour, puff pastry fat, salt, emulsifier, flavour, cake margarine,...
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By Sara - Ramadan Chicken Taster Box (1300g)
Savouries By Sara Limited edition Ramadan taster box. 30 piece box of all chicken varieties. 3 x chicken samosas 2 x creamy shredded chicken springrolls 2 x chinese style chicken spring rolls 2 x piccalili squares 3 x jalapeño samosas...
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By Sara - Ramadan Meat Taster Box (600g)
Limited edition  Ramadan taster box.  12 piece box of all meat varieties. 3 x lamb samosas 3 x lamb lollies 2 x lamb keema pastries 2 x steak pastries 2 x lamb sausage rolls Weight: 600g Allergens: Gluten, Milk, Eggs,...
By Sara - Ramadan Veg Taster Box (375g)
Savouries By Sara Limited edition Ramadan taster box. 8 piece box of veg varieties  4 x veg samosas 4 x creamy veg pastries Weight: 375gAllergens: Gluten, Milk, Mustard.Storage: freeze at -18cHalalHandmade in England.
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