20 Ways: Halal Beef Pastrami with Black Pepper (100g)
Beef pastrami is obtained from the halal beef brisket, cooked in oven and covered with black pepper. It is very popular in street food but it is quite pleasant when chopped and added to basmati. 20 WAYS is based in...
20 Ways: Halal Artisan Beef Bacon
Our premium Halal beef bacon is naturally dried for approx. 5 months. It is obtained from the belly of the Halal beef and it is particularly suitable for breakfast, burgers, pasta, sauces or mixed with other meats. 3 mins in...
20 Ways: Halal Beef Bresaola (100g)
Halal beef bresaola is obtained from the topside of the beef,  airdried and spiced with selected ingredients, as juniper, cinnamon, rosemary etc… It is a very nutrient rich option, good in proteins low in fats, suitable for people on a...
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