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Now this rub just makes me want to indulge in a huge plate of Lamb roast, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

Just the thought of making a roast dinner use to frighten me. I would panic and think of what herbs and spices I needed to make meat smell and taste delicious.

I have carefully blended different herbs into this rub, to make the roast smell even more delicious. You know you have done well when the family members come into the Kitchen every 5 mins asking how long the food will be because it smells amazing.

Now- lets gets started:

1. Place your meat onto a shallow dish (This should be at room temperature) 

2. Score the meat so we can make sure the marinade goes right in.

3. Add Naz's Kitchen Lamb Rub into a bowl and add a little oil.

4. Massage the meat well with the marinade. Be gentle and take you time, after all you want to enjoy every succulent piece of this meat.

5. Place into the oven. Depending on the cut and weight of the meat, please make sure your meat is thoroughly cooked. I cook mine for at least 4-6 hours. (Yes- that's right, because I like it when it just melts into your mouth).

6. When your meat is ready, before carving, allow it to sit for 10 mins and let the delicious juices rise to the top, making every mouthful succulent and delicious.

7. Serve with Chips, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire's- the list goes on.


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